Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Walter and Major Dennis identified a new site for the fourth strong-motion instrument, but the instrument blew a fuse when it was attached to the car battery.  They will return to the site tomorrow (Saturday) and try again.  Steve and Justin assessed buildings again with Army Corps engineers and will do the same tomorrow. 

Marc and Glenn flew to Cap Haitien (north Haiti) with Sgt Cruz and Pvt Dewberry to evaluate whether the port has seismic damage and the potential to serve as an alternate to the PaP port, which is closed.  The photos are from Marc and Glenn's trip.

Waiting for the helicopter.  Pvt. Dewsberry and kids.

Glenn waiting for the helicopter.

Flying over PaP to pick up a medical evacuee.

A crowded helicopter.


 Arriving at the Cap Haitien port.

Inspecting the port.

Returning to the embassy at sunset.

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